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We are software engineers with expertise in high load trading systems. We use enterprise best practices to deliver unmatched performance, reliability and security.

We specialize in Cryptocurrency, FinTech and Blockchain development services.

Empowering a decentralized digital ecosystem

Crypto Exchanger, Exchange Platform

The most advanced Exchange platform with regular rolling updates. That means new opportunities for you!

Liquidity aggregator solution

Increases the depth of your order book and provides new sources of revenue. Liquidity is your key to successful trade operations across the market

Enterprise crypto banking solution

A secure and convenient wallet / banking solution for all sizes of businesses. Take 100% control of your financial flow

Other Services and solutions:

Custom Blockchain Services

Set up private and permissioned blockchains

Enterprise-grade blockchain solutions which help resolve specific business issues and drastically upgrade operations. Private and permissioned blockchains add reliability, immutability, decentralization to any transaction based databases.

Custom Blockchain Services

Develop and audit smart contracts

automate financial flows into useful applications, smart contracts and wallets, imperative for ICOs and decentralized applications. Secure your smart contracts from unauthorized withdrawals and hacker attacks. Integrated accounting module facilitates fair and transparent operations.

Custom Blockchain Services

Set up cryptocurrency mining operations

set up scalable, reliable and transparent mining operations to secure the network from attacks. We can provide professional upkeep and maintenance, scout for convenient mining locations with cheap electricity and other expenses.

Benefits of working with 0hub

Blockchain and cryptocurrency involvement since 2013

Vast experience in all crypto related fields (mining, trading fundraising, managing, etc)

Own products and solutions for a variety of business usecases

VC backed operations through partnership with

Assistance with financing, licenses, management and legal counsel and support

0hub Cases

We achieved high level of security and mobility by integrating the latest mining pool solutions, distributed ledger technologies, identity operators, and smart contracts.

A powerful trading platform, which provides exchange opportunities for users, as well as convenient liquidity tools for businesses. Launched in 2018 the platform processes over 10k transactions daily.


Trading solution on the next-generation level for cryptocurrencies and tokens. Banking for the blockchain era.

Bring together the needs of those creating new technology projects and the interests of investors. This is how make money, and make a difference.


SociumTrade — a complete trading ecosystem. Safe and secure platform for traders and investors to come together and profit from the market.

Tools and

We use the latest technologies to alleviate heavy costs of running blockchain based projects. All tools have been production-tested and provide the highest level of security and maintainability.





About us

Jeffrey Smith

Consulting, Research and Communication /

Development and delivery of IT strategies, profitability through improved products, reduced costs and utilized resources.

Semen Krivosheev

Chief Technology Officer /

A proven professional with 10+ expertise in high load and high availability custom systems, engaging in technological evangelism.

Cheslav Novitsky

Front-end /

Experienced React front-end developer, capable of implementing even the most bold UI/UX ideas.

Rodion Stupnikov

Liquidity expert /

Is experienced in working with liquidity aggregators, provides liquidity management services to top exchanges.

Vlad Rafeev

Project manager /

Experienced project manager and mentor. Built successful IT, hardware, e-commerce and branding companies from the ground up.

Harry Pledov

Token economy and Business Analysis /

Successful fintech business analyst with experience in a multitude of projects and services: crypto exchanges and mining pools.

Slava Mishakov

Creative Director /

All 0hub solutions look stunning, thanks to enormous efforts and smart UX of Slava.


Join 0hub to make a big impact on human progress through blockchain and other innovative technologies.

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